About Travis Akin

Hi! My name is Travis Akin. I’m a certified fitness professional with over a decade of experience. I have a passion for helping my clients transform their bodies. The feeling that I get from helping people improve their quality of life is what drives me to always keep improving my craft. I grew up being an overweight child, so I can empathize with what my members are experiencing. I know what it feels like to be unhappy with your body image. After high school, I attended the University of Illinois and majored in kinesiology. This is where my love for exercise and nutrition blossomed.

Fit Body Boot Camp’s Unstoppable Fitness Formula is a blend of HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) and cutting-edge nutritional support. Our programs are modified to fit your individual fitness level and goals. I am so blessed to have discovered Fit Body Boot Camp because it allows me to share my knowledge, expertise, and fat loss secrets with so many people. I am excited for you to get started and look forward to coaching you.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Travis Akin CSCS,TSAC-F, FMS, PN1

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