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About Mike Zakarian

Hi! My names Mike Zakarian and I am a certified fitness trainer and completely obsessed with fitness and fat loss (in a good way). I am extremely passionate about helping residents of Orange achieve their fitness and fat loss goals.

As a kid growing up, I was always played sports and was very athletic. But I always carried around a feeling on hopelessness and inadequacy when I was around my peers who were twice my size and strength. I thought about giving up many times. Maybe you can relate to those feelings.

I was introduced to a magical place where you put in work and receive feelings of empowerment, self-esteem and confidence – the gym. I realized what type of positive changes could be brought on by a dedication to improving oneself through fitness, not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically as well.

The problem was that I was lost in a gym. Maybe you can relate to that, too. I spent the next 10 years learning from trial and error and endless hours of study to perfect the fat loss system we now use to shed pounds and change lives. I’ve used this formula to bring success to many clients.

Shortly after, I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula and learned more about their philosophy and dedication to changing lives and I knew it was a perfect fit for me and it would help me, help others.

The philosophy and vision of Fit Body Boot Camp aligned perfectly with my passion of changing as many lives as possible.

I am extremely grateful everyday that I am in a position where I can share my knowledge and expertise so you don’t have to spend 10 years trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re looking for a proven system for fat loss and a better quality of life, East Orange Fit Body Boot Camp is the place for you!

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