About Sierra Nobles

My name is Sierra Nobles. I decided to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to Dawsonville because FBBC changed my own life. After being an athlete throughout high school and college, I never expected that I would have my own struggles with weight. And yet, it happened to me like it does to so many other people. Like so many, I got busy with raising my own children, taking them to all their activities, and making sure that everyone else was taken care of. Before I knew it, I was taking care of everyone but myself. I was heavier than I had been and was insecure about my weight. It took a friend of mine 6 months to convince me to try out Fit Body Boot Camp, but eventually, I did. I am so glad that she took the time to convince me because I rediscovered my passion for fitness and got my life back. I lost 42 lbs and went from a tight size 12 to a comfortable size 2. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than I’ve ever been. And you know what? If I can lose weight through Fit Body Boot Camp’s Unstoppable Fitness Formula, anyone can do it. I can show you how. Fit Body Boot Camp changed my life in so many positive ways. I am passionate about helping the residents of Dawsonville and its surrounding areas achieve their own personal weight loss & fitness results.

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