About Maricela Castro

My name is Maricela and I’m excited about helping the residents of Corona achieve their fitness and health goals. I’ve been pretty athletic all my life and have been a running enthusiast for the last 10 years. Three years ago, I found myself so focused on work that before I knew it, I was out of shape, tired, and generally feeling pretty miserable. I knew that I had to make a change and knew that I had to make the time to become healthy again. That’s when I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp. The combination of resistance training and high intensity cardio helped me get back into shape fast. I found myself getting stronger and more passionate about fitness that I’d been in years. Plus I was having fun! I started learning more about Fit Body Boot Camp and their approach toward fitness and health, and I knew I wanted to share the Unstoppable Fitness Formula with others. I am excited about helping the community achieve their fitness, fat loss, and health goals. I will motivate you and help you push yourself to be your best. Give me a call and start the transformation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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