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Hi! My name is Marcelina Kendall. My whole life I have struggled with weight. I was the biggest one in my family and my nick name was “gordita” which means fatty. Having heard that my whole life, I thought that that was who I was. I was overweight well into my early 20’s. In 2001 I got on the scale and saw that I weighed the same weight that I did when I was 9 months pregnant and my son was already 1. One can say that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I finally decided to do something about my weight, so I joined a gym only to feel lost, intimidated and unwelcome. This was enough to make anyone quit, but I decided to stay focused and started walking during my lunch break. I soon went from walking to wogging (walking and jogging) to finally jogging the whole way. I can still remember the awesome feeling when I was able to jog the whole way without stopping. I eventually signed up to run my first of many half marathons. The weight was dropping and my clothes were fitting loose. I was proud of myself for the first time in a long time. Running became my new found hobby, but like any other workouts, you have to know how to properly fuel your body and how to change your workouts in order to break through those frustrating plateaus and reach your ultimate fitness goals.

Along with running, I have tried several different bootcamps, CrossFit gyms, and even tried swimming. I learned a lot from all of these different workout experiences, but the one that got me to where I am now was Fit Body Boot Camp. In November of 2016, I found myself burnt out with my Social Worker career of 20 years, overweight from stress eating, and simply unhappy. A friend of mine invited me to workout with her at Fit Body Boot Camp. I was a bit hesitant, since I wanted to lose 30 pounds by my birthday which was in 6 months and the workouts were only 30 minutes. She convinced me, and I joined.

From the moment I walked in, I felt like I belonged. The coaches were amazing and very supportive. In the first few weeks the weight began to fall off. I met with one of the coaches to go over my eating and came up with a meal plan that would help me reach my fitness goals. In 6 months, I lost 35.5 pounds, 7% Body Fat and 16 inches all around. I felt ECSTATIC! I eventually became a coach and fell in love with helping people get healthy and fit. Teaching them how to love themselves from the inside out and helping them change the things they can change about their bodies, and accept the things they can’t change while seeing the beauty in their flaws. I am now a proud owner of Contra Loma Fit Body Boot Camp, and I am excited to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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