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About Heather Mertz

Heather is a fitness fanatic, workout creator, friend maker, and ponytail loving type of girl. While her husband, Chris, is a workout machine, mindset motivator, nice guy with no hair. They have 4 wonderful kids and enjoy creating fun memories with them through hiking, games, trips, sports, and working out as a family. Together they have over 14 years of experience in the fitness industry and have done personal training, coaching, and group fitness.

With the demands of work life, if there is one thing this dynamic duo understands it’s that life can be hectic and consuming. Trying to be fit can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you haven’t been able to achieve the results that you want. It can be difficult to know exactly what kind of workouts to do and the correct foods to eat that will give your body the best and fastest results.

That is one of the reasons they fell in love with Fit Body Boot Camp and wanted to open one of their own-to help and inspire others to live more purposefully, and that being healthy and fit is possible through their effective 30 minute HIIT workouts and healthy nutrition. With the right systems in place, professional coaching, and a supportive community, you will achieve amazing results and have fun in the process.

Life is a journey, and Heather and Chris will help you become better versions of yourself. Health and fitness starts with the correct mindset and knowing that what you are doing is making a difference. They have gone through health struggles, fitness plateaus, unmotivated times and crazy frustrations themselves, and can relate to the challenges that face so many of us every day.

There are answers, and they are so excited to help you achieve your fitness goals and help your body feel the way it is designed to feel. We all need increased energy and health to better face the trials of our days, and they will help you get on the right path that will lead to amazing results that have you feeling great. Schedule your free consultation with them today, and together, you can do this!

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