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About Mike Bridges

Hi! We are Mike and Corinna Bridges! We love exercising together as much as we can, as well as running, weight training, cycling and doing just about anything outdoors. The beach calls us frequently, and we love taking cruises. Of course, our day would not be complete without our daily walk with our husky-mix dog “Tebow”.

Mike is a 20 year retired Army veteran and has been into fitness for some time. He played football growing up and throughout high school. He learned about the benefits of staying in shape from an early age. Corinna also played many sports in high school and continues to search out new and different ways to stay in shape. Mike received his Personal Trainer Certification in 2017 to help inspire others to reach their own goals of personal wellness and fitness.

Like most families, life has challenged us in many ways,. However, we have decided to view those challenges as lessons to get stronger, wiser and, more confident, so we can handle anything that comes our way in the future.

We want to feel the satisfaction and joy of knowing that we used our knowledge and abilities to help others realize they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. We hope to show them they can achieve their goals and become the people they want to be, and we want to see the joy on their faces when they come to this realization.

We want our community to realize that fitness and wellness is a lifestyle change, and that it can be fun rather than a daily grind. Our goal is to promote a family atmosphere and boast a friendly fitness community, one that shares stories and ideas to help each other succeed. We want to sweat, scream, laugh, and cry with you, and we want to create change in you that lasts a lifetime.

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