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My name is Stacy and I want to be radically honest with you and share a life-changing experience with you. But first, let me begin by telling you that I was always very active throughout my entire life. I was an all-round athlete. I played competitive basketball, track, and even did ballet and dance.

Being in shape was natural for me. I majored in Exercise Science in college because of my interest and passion to be fit. I wanted to share this passion with others. You see, I never had an issue with being unfit and unmotivated until my life was turned upside down…

During my pregnancy I gained over 45lb., and after an almost fatal delivery I was hospitalized for over a month. In the weeks to come after blood transfusions and doctors trying to figure out why I was so sick, I was finally released from the hospital.

That’s when it hit me..I was very unhealthy, suffered from exhaustion, chronic fatigue and depression. I lost the will to workout and had no energy. New baby, poor health, no job just graduated from college, and had no money.

That’s when it hit me…I was very unhealthy and I suffered from exhaustion, chronic fatigue and depression. I lost the will to work out and had no energy. New baby, poor health, no job, just graduated from college, and no money. After weeks…months of feeling at my worst, out of sheer frustration I said “No More” and vowed to regain control of myself and my body. After years of studying and perfecting the ultimate unstoppable fitness formula workout, I want to share it with you in my Acworth Boot Camp

It maximizes fat burning, cardio conditioning, strength and all in one workout. It has helped save my life and has changed the bodies of many clients, and I think it will have the same life changing results on you too. Stacy Ward, Owner Exercise Physiologist, CPT,NASM.

Stacy Ward

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