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About Herve Medard


Let me just start by saying that I get it. You feel as though you’ve tried it all, only to be disappointed with the results of all your efforts.

I have been training individuals and groups for over ten years, so you can believe me when I say – I’ve truly seen and heard it all.

I understand.

I understand that doing the same exercise routines over and over is not only boring but ineffective.

I understand that going at it alone is demotivating.

I understand that being unsure of what to do when you show up at the gym is paralyzing and overwhelming.

The good news is this: there is a better way!

I’ve helped people in your exact situation discover that fitness is exciting, transformative, and produces the tangible results they deserve!

Let’s take the exhausting guesswork out of exercise and replace it with bragging rights.

Each day, we’ll present you with scientifically-proven workouts, then guide you through each exercise step-by-step, and lastly, we’ll make sure each move is executed with proper form.

Your workouts CAN reach maximum effectiveness (and that means RESULTS)! You simply need the right systems of support.

Don’t worry. You’re not too far gone. This is a system your body WILL respond to.

I welcome you to come in and experience Fit Body Boot Camp’s Afterburn workouts that will get you the results you’ve been looking for.

Committed to your fitness success,

Herve Medard

Shrewsbury Fit Body Boot Camp

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