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About Tim Tung

Hi, my name is Tim Tung.

My passion in life is fitness and helping others.

My goal at Fit Body Boot Camp is to help my community get in shape, live a healthier more rewarding life, and help others become stronger both physically and mentally.

My fitness journey began when I was a young skinny teenager working out at the high school gym trying to get six-pack abs.

Fitness has been a lifestyle for me since my teenage days in the high school gym.

Since high school, other than recovering from injuries, I have not missed more than a week from working out.

Fitness has taught me how to be consistent with the work necessary to achieve my goals, how to continue to get better every day, push through the most difficult tasks when I do not feel like it, and has taught me discipline.

The lessons I learned from fitness spilled over into every other aspect of my life whether it was opening a business, learning to become a better leader, or staying up late and working weekends to complete projects when I’m exhausted and don’t want to.

I am forever grateful for everything I learned from fitness.

I want to bring the life benefits I’ve learned from fitness into the lives of other people.

I originally came from a body-building and weight-lifting background.

I had accidentally stumbled upon Fit Body Boot Camp during Covid lockdowns while trying to find other types of workouts and fitness centers.

After my first workout at Fit Body Boot Camp, I fell in love right away.

I loved how much work I was putting in and how much I was sweating with the 30-minute HIIT workouts Fit Body Boot Camp offers.

I got a tougher and sweatier workout than I could ever get from a traditional weight lifting workout.

I loved the Fit Body Boot Camp system so much that I decided to open my own location with the goal of helping others become fitter and stronger people.

At Lakewood Fit Body Boot Camp, we welcome everybody to come work out no matter what your fitness level is.

Our team’s #1 objective is to help you achieve your fitness goals and help you become the strong confident person you really are.

The 30 minute HIIT workouts combined with the nutritional advice we have to offer will bring you results!

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