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About Rhonda Salvador

Welcome! My name is Rhonda Salvador, Owner of Boardman Fit Body Boot Camp! I wanted to take a moment to share my story with you and how I got started!

I made a choice this past year (2021) to change a lot of things in my life including my personal way of living as well as my career. I chose fitness because it helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally change my life for the better. I want to give back to others and show people that no matter what fitness level, age, or emotional state you are trying to balance out, you can make a change towards a healthier lifestyle. It started with a focus on self-caring, which I have lacked for several years. At the beginning of 2021, I was feeling unenergized, stressed mentally and emotionally, and living the realization that I was turning 50 in September of that year and felt like I was in my 90’s. I was truly feeling the aches and pains and bouts of low energy as I started to also move into menopause, which was depressing to me in itself. I decided in January I was not going to let the progression of age, stress in my life, and low energy stand in my way of living healthier for myself and my family. Even though, I felt I was ready in my heart in January, I still was not focused in my mind until that February where I came to the point that enough was enough and it drove me to start my journey. I joined a fitness class and got serious with what I was putting into my body as far as nutrition. The fitness class I was attending gave me the tools I needed to be successful, but ultimately it came down to me believing in myself , holding myself accountable for my actions, and being in the right mind-set. Within an 8 week focused timeframe , I had transformed my body composition from 132lbs to 117lbs of lean muscle. I went from 30% body fat (yes I said 30%) to an amazing 19% body fat. The biggest reward is that I have maintained this status!! You are probably thinking right now that I starved myself to get these results. Actually, it was the total opposite! I was eating more food than I had ever eaten before. The key was the combination of good nutrition choices mixed with the right amount of exercise and sleep. The change in my body composition, energy level increase, better mood balance, and overall just a happier demeanor made my life better for myself and family. This change made me want to help others on their fitness journey. I learned a lot about my body and what it takes to make the change towards healthier living even at age 49. I have always been active in the past but have allowed life moments to put me on a rollercoaster ride of weight gain/weight loss, etc…..I have learned to control this now with fitness and better nutrition. I do not deprive myself of indulging in the things I enjoy eating, I just balance it out and do not take advantage of situations or make excuses to over indulge or fall back into unhealthy habits.

My commitment is to change lives! I have transitioned from a career of 26 years to a career that brings purpose back into my life. That career is fitness! I am a certified personal trainer with certification in nutritional guidance as well as certification in kickboxing. With that being said, I am here to serve you, as your coach, to achieve your personal fitness goals. If you join me @ Boardman Fit Body Boot Camp, I guarantee results! I am real and in touch with reality. I have experienced life’s up and downs . As a wife, mother, boss, coach, and friend, I understand where you are coming from or may currently be physically, emotionally, or mentally in fitness. I promise to be your #1 supporter holding you accountable for results as well as your #1 fan in celebrating your successes!! Join our FBBC fit fam this coming year (2022) for sustainable results!

For more information, reach out to me via email [email protected]

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