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About David Christensen

I haven’t always been a fitness guy. I was a chubby child and had always struggled with my weight. When I left for the military, I had to learn about fitness. It wasn’t the best form of fitness either. Pretty much pushups, situps, and go run 5 miles. Ok, now time for a ruck march. I ended up serving 4 years in the Air Force and 6 years in the Army. Even with all that time in, I didn’t understand what real fitness was.

After I got out of the military, I really struggled with my weight. I let myself get all the way up to 310lbs and battled severe depression and anxiety. I was out of control destroying myself by eating and drinking whatever I wanted. It was a downward spiral that I couldn’t control. Until I discovered what real fitness was.

I started working out in my garage. Studying proper nutrition, or so I thought. Between all the fad diets and men’s magazines, “6 easy steps to 6 pack abs and get the girl”. It was all bull. I ended up going back to college to learn as much as a could about health and fitness. It had become my new purpose in life. I lost my first 40lbs just in my garage, mainly because I was too embarrassed to go to a gym due to me being so overweight. But I kept pushing. Fitness literally saved my life and I’ve developed such a passion to help as many people as I can. I know there are many people out there who are going through the same struggles I went through.

I then became a certified personal trainer, becoming a program director at 2 gyms within 2 years, and now I’m here to bring you a team of coaches and a facility that will help you reach your goal and be with you every step of the way! No matter your goals!!!

We now bring you Burlington Fit Body Boot Camp. This is where you learn the tools and develop the skills to change your life forever. You are not in this alone. We are a results driven fitness studio, and our trainers will push and motivate you to be proud of your abilities every time you come! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do what I love, and love what I do. Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as though they are a part of our family. We look forward to helping you in your fitness journey.

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