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About Tara Migneault

Hello Everyone! My name is Tara Migneault and I’m absolutely passionate about helping people develop a healthy lifestyle. My journey began in 2005, when I became a licensed beauty specialist because I wanted to help people build confidence and self-esteem. My goal has always been to assist my clients with the necessary tools to become the best version of themselves. However, I discovered shortly after my journey began that even though I could lift their confidence by improving their skin, giving them a fresh hairstyle and make-up tips, I believed I could offer them so much more. So, I started coaching my clients through my nutrition knowledge because everything we eat, drink and put into our bodies will come out through our hair, skin and nails. Living a healthy lifestyle can be frustrating and confusing without the proper guidance, motivation and support system. Yet, I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew the only way I could help my clients complete their total lifestyle transformation was to provide them with a consistent fitness plan. A fitness plan that not only improves their hearts, increases energy, boosts self-esteem, but actually prolongs their lives. When you combine all of these together you will successfully reach your maximum potential from the inside out. So….my real journey with helping men and women truly began when I added this very important missing piece…personal training my clients as a fitness instructor. My journey has been so rewarding! My love for people, along with my passion for helping you live your best life has allowed me to live my dream career!

The Lord has taken my dreams to an even higher level with the new opening of our gym: Fit Body Boot Camp in Sachse, Texas. We’ve been working tirelessly on creating a beautiful new building and what we believe to be the best location in Sachse. I have high standards with regard to our talented, hand selected team. I’m fully confident that our Sachse FBBC Fitness Coach’s will successfully help you achieve your personal goals. We provide high intensity 30 minute fitness classes several times a day, six days a week. The FBBC format makes it possible for anyone to take that next step in becoming the best version of themselves. If your goal is to sculpt/tone, build muscle, weight loss, strength building or all of the above, we’ve got you covered. Also, we have designed an entertainment room for children ages 2-10 because we know having young children can make self-care challenging. No More Excuses!

FBBC is for men and women of any age or disability, whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking for a new challenge or you’re at the beginning your fitness journey. We will provide you everything you need to reach your maximum potential, while taking every appropriate precaution to make personal modifications where necessary. We are here for YOU! Our team will make your classes fun, but expect to be challenged because your personal success is our highest priority. We look forward to being a part of your lives and we want you to feel like you’re a part of our family. We can’t wait to meet you! Sachse FBBC Rocks!

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