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Hey there beautiful people,

Irish Mike here. 210 lbs. That was the number I hit before I fully realized I needed to make a change. After spending my whole life playing soccer and being active, my competitive soccer career was over and I hadn’t learned to be active and healthy outside of sports.

Originally from Ireland, I came to St. Louis to play soccer at Missouri Baptist University. Upon graduating and finishing up with soccer, my health and bad habits caught up with me ballooning up to 210lbs, the heaviest and unhealthiest I’d ever been.

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, I began teaching P.E and Health to Kindergarten through 8th Grade students in St. Louis City. I wasn’t the best role model as a P.E and Health Teacher at the beginning, so I made a commitment to get fit, losing 50 lbs. Shortly after, I began training and developing fellow teachers after school with the hope of others experiencing the benefits of healthy living as I did. This quickly became a passion of mine and after three years I committed to taking this on part-time.

Within a year of part-time training, I took a blind leap of faith and transitioned from training little children to big children and so began my personal training career. Within one year, I catapulted to one of the top five trainers in a company of 400+. Soon after, I had a vision of my own personal training company. I aspired to create a culture of a fitness family, where clients felt supported, encouraged, and engaged. The goal was to create a more economically viable way for people to train while maintaining the quality and increasing the value they received.

In the last decade, I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their goals. From fat loss to muscle building and increasing athletic ability to rehabilitation of injuries, I set high expectations for my clients in every aspect of life to help them become the best version of themselves. That fitness family vision held true for 10+ years, with clients training with me from the inception of my training career.

One of my core values is constant self-development. With that mindset, I studied for and earned a Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification through the NSCA in 2012 and TPI Cert in 2017 with more certifications in the works including a Behavior Change Specialist Cert through ACE and a Breathing Certification through XPT. Along with self-development I advocate doing what you love and always striving for the next level. When you put the work in, good things happen. Proof of that is receiving the opportunity to become part of the Fit Body Family. Bedros has indirectly helped me grow as a personal trainer, fitness business owner and as a man through his online products, books and the example he sets.

I keep my life balanced with my wife (the boss), Colleen. She has been the single most supportive person in my journey to constantly grow. In the time that I’ve been training, we have had three wonderful children; Saoirse, our oldest, is the creative one. Padraig, our only boy, is our superhero in training (pun intended.) Orlaith, our youngest, takes after her mother (enough said). To round out the chaos, we have two rescue dogs Murph and Bear.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to being afforded the same opportunity by you.

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