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About Jonathan Herod

My name is Jonathan Herod, and I am the owner, proprietor, and chief bottle washer here at Hermitage Fit Body Boot Camp. Around here, most people just call me Coach J.

I began my career with the United States Army back in 1997. During my 21 years of active duty I worked in Army Criminal Investigations Division, Army Deploy-Redeploy Logistics, toured overseas in TOP SECRET operations, and found my passion working within the medical side of Army life, planning, reporting, and organizing, while working with and training soldiers and future leaders. I have had the privilege of helping countless soldiers plan their nutritional needs, work through rehabilitation therapy, and obtain and maintain physical fitness.

During my time with the Army I earned certifications in Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Advanced Trauma and Rehabilitation, Personal Training, and Leadership. After retiring from active duty in 2017, I decided to continue my passion for helping others by opening Hermitage Fit Body Fitness, allowing me to bring those skills to help my clients in order to meet and surpass their health and fitness expectations.

I have become very passionate about helping others with their fitness journeys. I believe that fitness is not only about our physical health but our mental health as well. My desire is to reveal the joy, pride, and strength that comes with living an active life. Anything is possible with the right training and encouragement.

I aspire to help as many people as I can to make healthy changes to enhance their quality of life.

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