About Craig Axelrod

Hi! My name is Craig Axelrod. I am the owner of the East Meadow Fit Body Boot Camp as well a father of four great children, husband, son and brother. I have a large family and looking forward to creating an even larger Fit Body Boot camp Family in East Meadow.

In the past , I have found myself talking to friends and family about making changes in their lifestyle. Particularly in their eating habits and exercise . Sometimes I went to far and the recipient didn’t want to hear it but other times they appreciate it, this is the reaction I hoped for. People wanting to strive towards making better decisions and taking action to a better fitness lifestyle. Most people have control over their personal fitness, we need to get out of bed, off the couch, stay out of the fast food establishments and work, believe and follow the path to a higher fitness level. If we do this, our children follow in our footsteps. That is the most important thing for me, is the quality of life for my family and friends.

We all have events in out lives that is out of our control or not preventable. My family has had Heart conditions, cancer and strokes. These were difficult to deal with and unavoidable. But the risk of obesity , diabetes and many other diseases can be lowered by nutrition and exercise . I realized a simple diet is temporary and not the answer but a lifestyle commitment IS, and its contagious to the friends and family around you.

When I’m not trying to change peoples life, you can find me courtside watching one of my kids playing volleyball or basketball . I am also a big animal lover , we have 3 dogs and 3 cats in the house which is sort of chaotic but I love it. My previous career in real estate development was extremely fulfilling , i enjoyed making deals on property and figuring the highest and best use for said property. I worked with my dad for 20 years and could not asked for a better mentor in life and business. He taught me to be honest with everyone and put yourself in the “other Guys”shoes to make a fair deal.

I bring everything he taught me to the Fit Body Boot Camp family to help create the BEST 30 Minutes of the day for all our FBBC family.

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