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About Jodi Hartel

I have always been into fitness, from a leg-warmer wearing aerobics instructor in while in the Air Force to a step instructor in Germany, fitness has been an important element in my life. However, I never imagined owning a Fit Body Boot Camp.

I was a fit body boot camp member in Aiea Hawaii and loved it! During a 12 week challenge (over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays) I lost over 8% body fat and thirteen pounds. A year later I can say that I have remained on target with my body fat and healthy lifestyle.

When I was reassigned to Northern Virginia, I looked for a Fit body Boot Camp in the area so I could continue my journey and find the same supportive and encouraging atmosphere that I had in Hawaii. Needless to say there wasn’t one in the Alexandria, VA area, so I decided to buy the franchise. That is how much I love and believe in this program. I literally bought the farm! Here at Alexandria VA Fit Body Boot Camp, we are more than a fitness center. We are a place of excellent customer service, proven track record of results, and, above all, a place that people can call their home away from home. The support system is incredible. Now it is my turn to help change lives. Our goal at the Alexandria VA Fit Body Boot Camp is to change the lives of 1000 people. To coach, lead, and mentor them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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