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About Andrew and Kristee Klein

Hello. Before we tell you about ourselves and what we envision for our future, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude for taking the time out of the day to read this. We are Andrew and Kristee Klein… it is a pleasure to tell you our story!

In September 2018 we made the decision to sell our home, close our business, leave our adult kids, and relocate to SLO County in pursuit of the American Dream. Although we were already the proud owners of a studio gym in Tracy, California. After pouring our blood sweat and tears into Quick Vibe Fitness, we realized that it was going to be very difficult to grow beyond what we had already built.

Enter Fit Body Boot Camp. Andrew ran across a video which was advertising franchise opportunities with Fit Body Boot Camp. The owners were enthusiastic, the company was worldwide and their core values aligned with our own.

Andrew is a combat veteran from the US Navy. During his service, his lifestyle revolved around proper nutrition and strength training. In 2012, he returned home to California with strong leadership skills from the Navy and an in-depth knowledge of a fit lifestyle, giving him a solid foundation for a career in the fitness industry.

Kristee has knowledge of a different variety. Having once been morbidly obese, Kristee successfully lost 140 pounds and maintained a healthy lifestyle for a decade. She returned to college and became the proud owner of a business degree.

Andrew and Kristee are excited at the prospect of changing lives as well as helping others reach their fitness goals and maintain healthy lifestyles. The Slo Fit Body Boot Camp team and culture is what sets them apart from other fitness facilities.

Andrew and Kristee are a strong, resilient and energetic couple with focus and determination to succeed. They aren’t looking to change the world… just a few thousand lives.

Thank you again for showing interest in us and our vision!

With Kindest Sincerity,

Andrew and Kristee Klein


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