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About David Lee Cummings

If you struggle with weight and self-worth issues, I understand. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror, dislike what you see, and feel deflated. Through a steady regimen of fitness, however, I’ve been able to reshape my body, fix my mindset, and manifest a new me. Even if my body is not, and never will be, flawless, fitness has given me one I truly love. That’s all that matters.

My fitness journey is not just about me, however. I lost both my parents way too soon because they neglected their health. They lived sedentary lives and had poor eating habits. As a result, my two children are growing up without a set of grandparents. I can’t change that. But I can use that lesson to do my best to live a long and healthy life for the sake of my children and their future children.

My experiences also motivate me to share the gift of fitness with people I haven’t yet met but look forward to helping. People who know they need to make a change, because they want to look better, feel better, experience more confidence and self-love. Who want to live longer and stronger for themselves and their loved ones. Fitness for me is not a hobby; it’s a mission to transform, and even save, lives.

That’s why I decided to open East Cincinnati Fit Body Boot Camp. It is my vehicle for helping others change their lives for the better. Whether you just want to drop a few pounds or completely transform yourself from a poster child of unhealthy habits into an unstoppable force of nature, my facility exists for you.

I believe you will love East Cincinnati Fit Body Boot Camp. Traditional gyms leave you at the mercy of your own self-discipline and working out uncomfortably among strangers, and that’s why gyms go unused by 80 percent of members. My coaches and our community, on the other hand, make your workouts fun, keep you accountable, and help you attain real results. When you join my studio, you’ll be motivated to work out because you’ll become part of a fitness family that genuinely wants you to succeed and enjoy the most fulfilling life possible.

So give us a try. My team and I will welcome you warmly and promise to do everything we can to deliver an experience, results, and a new life you’ll truly love.

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