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About Brittany

Welcome! It is my pleasure to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to you! I have a strong passion for helping others. Seeing people succeed in life, both physically and mentally, is the most inspiring thing to witness! I’ve lived in many places, and have met many people, but that passion has never changed! My background is with sports and fitness through school and beyond.

I never had to worry about what I ate growing up because I was always moving. Once college hit, the pounds started to come on. Not much at first, but after we got married and had our first baby, the reality set in that I need to make a change. That’s when I found fitness again. Over the next several years, four babies, 15 moves, living in 3 different states and even Shanghai, China, I went through the roller coaster of gaining and losing weight. Not only due to pregnancies, but from stress and emotional eating. When We made our move to the great state of Texas, I was 50lbs overweight, unhappy with myself, and ready to fight my way back into Fitness! This is when I was introduced to Boot Camp style classes. Over the next two months I had lost 30 of my 50lbs, was feeling more like myself and started coaching again, and continued to shed the pounds.

Moral of the story is, I’ve been through it all. I understand what its like to feel helpless and lost. But I promise you, starting your journey with us is the right first step in the process of becoming who you are meant to be! With Fit Body’s unstoppable fitness formula, (cardio, strength, nutrition) you not only will shed the pounds you want, you will gain lean muscle mass in the process, and understand how to change your eating habits to fuel your body to do so! We look forward to meeting you soon and help you on your path to success!

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