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About Sean Caruthers

I’m Sean Caruthers. I am a 51 year old entrepreneur with a life long passion for fitness. My wife and business partner is Tommie Caruthers. We are long time El Pasoans devoted to our community. We have raised our children, built and sold a successful business and established deep familial roots in this city we love.

My passion for fitness and nutrition began when I was 7 years old as a part of a little league baseball team. My youth revolved around school and training for the current season’s sport. I can’t recall a time from my youth until now when I wasn’t working out. I’ve participated in football, basketball, baseball, track and field, tennis, rock climbing, marathons, rugby, bull riding, road/mountain biking, and weight lifting – all at varying levels. I have spent the better part of my adult life reading about the latest in training and nutrition, all while maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Tommie has always shared my passion for fitness. She spent much of her college years working as a fitness instructor. But while raising three girls and sacrificing her own health to dedicate time at home with family, Tommie found herself overweight and low on energy. She had always been used to exercising several times a week, sometimes working out for an hour and a half per session. Yet finding the time at this point was problematic. Knowing she had to find a solution, she discovered a 30-minute boot camp workout a mile from our home. In 6 weeks, she’d lost 15 pounds, discovered newfound energy and regained a level of strength and conditioning she’d thought she’d lost forever. Her results were astonishing, and I joined the facility to find out what HIIT was all about. The rest is history, as I discovered the fitness model that meets the needs of 99% of the world – a regimen that strengthens, tones, conditions and improves balance and agility in 30 minutes if done 4 to 6 times a week. Today, we train together regularly and spend as much time outdoors as possible. One of our favorite conditioning workouts consists of running sandhill intervals in the desert.

A foundational value Tommie and I share is a passion for reaching out to those in need. This has often taken us around the world to help those less fortunate. We have traveled to destinations as diverse as Tunisia, Mexico and Tabago. One outreach program had us ascending the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, where we climbed from village to village daily, administering basic medical care to those who’d otherwise be without it.

Fit Body Boot Camp (FBBC) affords us the opportunity to share with you what we’ve learned. It affords us the privilege of helping those frustrated by a neglect of their personal health. At FBBC, you’ll find the coaching you need, set in a nurturing environment. You get comprehensive nutritional guidelines that are easy to understand and practical to apply. You’ll discover a caring family that not only provides much-needed support to get you through fitness transitions, but this family will also give you the accountability you need to find the courage and ambition to meet your health and fitness goals. We look forward to being a part of your transformation. Fit Spirit – Fit Mind – Fit Body.

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