About Lee Anne Houle

Hello North Bayites, I am a Sudbarian who has had the pleasure of serving you and your city during my corporate days. After years of living a healthy lifestyle, my journey brings me right here – to you. I could sit here and tell you that I will transform your life with our great exercise programs, nutrition plans, and accountability programs, but I am sure you have done your research on Fit Body Boot Camp and seen the great results. Instead, I would rather share with you the WHY I exercise, meditate, eat healthy and take care of myself. I can only ask you to do the homework, if I do it myself. So here goes. I exercise and meditate to prevent returning to binge eating – trying to fill the void inside. As a teenager, I put on weight to protect myself. THEN – Size 16 – NOW – Size 8 – PRESENT GOAL – Madonna arms, and abs of steel. I exercise because I want to walk the streets with a sense of accomplishment and pride every morning. I want to feel sexy and confident for me. OK, for that special someone too! I exercise because my grandmother and her mother were diagnosed with osteoporosis. I exercise and meditate because my mother had breast cancer (15 years in remission). If I should discover a lump in my breast. I want to be as physically and mentally prepared as possible. I exercise and meditate to align and ground myself because sometimes this world is just a little crazy and I need the mental release. I’m a single mom with two kids and a new puppy and it can definitely be overwhelming BECAUSE I DO THE THINKING FOR THREE LITTLE PEOPLE – how about you? I exercise and meditate because I want to lead by example for my children. I eat whole foods and raw foods because my daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of 4. When the doctor suggested RITALIN, I chose to change our DIET instead. She is currently a straight A student in grade 9. I cook and my daughter bakes from scratch to avoid preservatives as much as possible because it makes us ladies of the house either hyper or moooody – my poor son! I eat whole foods and raw foods because I have returned to my roots. I was raised on a farm where we ate what we grew or raised. I can remember the taste of a raw carrot freshly picked from my grandmother’s garden – a little dirt never hurt anyone. WHY DO YOU EXERCISE, EAT HEALTHY AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF? I am not claiming that this health journey came without setbacks, stress, or mental breakdowns. I make conscious choices to live this way every day. When I do slip, I pick myself up, dust myself off and take the next step forward. I frequently ask myself three questions: 1. What is not working in my life? 2. What do I need and want? 3. What is the next step to accomplish this goal? Now that I’ve shared my story, I look forward to hearing yours! DROP IN SAY HI!

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