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My name is Denise Harty and I have been privileged to be a fitness trainer for the citizens of Central Alberta for the last five years. My journey into the fitness arena began when I was very young when I played ringette and hockey for local teams. I always enjoyed these group sports and I played throughout junior and senior high school. After I completed my education, I got married and gave birth to three daughters in a relatively short span of time in my early 20s. This hectic family life left me little time to focus on myself and my health, and I was unable to lose that stubborn “baby weight” in the years that followed. I became unhappy with my body image and eventually I found myself with low self esteem and a lack of confidence in my appearance and health. I tried many different forms of exercise in an attempt to regain my self confidence, but I never achieved results that were satisfactory. In fact, the experience left me feeling even more frustrated that despite my efforts I was still not as healthy as I desired. In 2005 I was introduced to the fitness program known as “Kettlebells”, and in a very short time after I began training I began to see positive results in my health and appearance. This discovery was indeed a turning point in my life, and I found a new passion and drive for health and fitness. Not only did I look and feel better, but I quickly became interested in helping those around me so that they could also reap the amazing benefits of this new fitness program. My dream is to share with the community of Lacombe my excitement and passion for health and fitness. I believe that no matter what your situation in life is, perhaps you are raising children or working with a very hectic schedule, Lacombe boot camp can fit into your life and take you to the next level of your health and fitness. We have excellent exercise and nutrition programs that have been proven to get you the results you seek. We will teach you how to lose pounds without counting calories or being on a restricted diet, and you will be able to tighten, tone and lose inches at the same time. The best part of Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp is that we are a great place to meet people while in a fun, encouraging and motivating atmosphere. In order to provide the community of Lacombe with the best training program available, I have continued to pursue education in many areas so that you can trust that my goal is always the same as yours; to help you achieve whatever health and fitness goals you have set for yourself, not just for right now but also for the future. My certifications include the following: Russian Kettlebell level 2 instructor Can Fitpro Personal training certificate TRX suspension training certificate CK-Functional Movement Specialist certificated Strength and Condition certificate Crossfit certified Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition Precision Nutrition certificate “Tomorrow’s history is written with the actions we take today!” Denise Harty Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp 

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