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Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp


4801 63rd St Bay 5
Lacombe, AB T4L 0H8
(403) 786-9991

Fit Body Boot Camp Members

Fitness Boot Camp in Lacombe: Get One Week Free

Welcome to Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp! A fun and exciting FREE week in our fitness boot camp in Lacombe is the absolute best way to start getting in shape.

With our fresh and exciting Afterburn method, you'll discover how fitness can be fun, quick, and simple. In fact, each session lasts just 30 minutes but produces a surge of results that carry on for up to 30 hours!

That's an insane payoff for your time that other methods simply can't compete with. We use both High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to make sure you're moving for every second of the half hour session. With this carefully plotted mix of full body movements, we're able to produce an uptick in your metabolism that leads to these amazing extended results. You'll feel energized and confident as you leave the gym knowing what your body is about to accomplish.

The workouts take place in a group format that promotes cooperation and provides you with uplifting peer support. Sharing the experience makes fitness fun and gives you an exciting environment that produces your best effort.

We also make things extra convenient for you with early morning and evening time slots. Every detail of our program is engineered to maximize your comfort, convenience, and success. Find out firsthand how powerful our Afterburn workouts can be and activate your FREE week!

About Our Fitness Boot Camp at Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp

Our fitness boot camp is a place where you'll experience the full power of expert guidance. Our coaches provide energy and passion along with a wealth of knowledge, that pushes you beyond your perceived limits and gives you a chance at something truly special.

Each session consists of our experts leading the exercises and providing direct attention and feedback to every member. You'll get all the advice you need to quickly master correct technique and make massive progress in every workout.

Between sessions you can count on our team for more helpful advice. Most significantly, this includes detailed nutritional coaching to help you settle on the right meal plan. Choosing a diet plan that's both practical and healthy is a great way to make lasting changes that actually mesh with your lifestyle. We don't want you counting calories or starving yourself, but simply encourage reasonable choices and an overall healthy approach.

Our fitness boot camp at Lacombe Fit Body Boot Camp helps you enjoy the massive benefits of combining healthy eating habits with a powerful workout formula. It's the quickest and most reliable way to build a great body and feel better than ever. Take your FREE week and get started today!

The Difference

“Boot camp” style fitness classes are increasingly popular, but not all boot camps are created equal. When comparing fitness classes, the most important thing to look for is a track record of real people getting real results.

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the difference
the difference the difference the difference

The Workout

Have you ever spent hours on the treadmill and wondered, “Isn’t there a better way to lose weight?” Now there is! At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness boot camp workout delivers the best weight loss results in only 30 minutes per day.

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What to Expect

Fit Body Boot Camp is not like your typical gym or fitness center. Here’s what you will -- and won’t -- see on your first visit to your local fitness boot camp:

  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Friendly, certified coaches
  • Nutrition made simple
  • Positive community
  • No heavy equipment
  • No counting calories
  • No boring treadmills
  • No figuring it out alone

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Fit Body Boot Camp is a proud member of the Inc. 5000 list for fastest growing companies in the United States. We believe we have earned this honor through our outstanding service to clients and franchisees alike, and we strive to keep building on that level of service every day!

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