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About Sean Francis

My name is Sean Francis, Kawartha Lakes #1 Body Transformation Specialist.

With over 18 years in the fitness industry as both a personal trainer and Kawartha Lakes boot camp instructor, I have helped over 2500 clients achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. I am also a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, all of which allow me to offer the safest and most cutting edge proven methods to ensure my clients achieve success.

My fitness background started when I was young, playing soccer in the summers and hockey in the winters. I never really had a problem with my weight until I stopped playing sports towards the end of high school and during the first few years of University. Then, and over the next few years my pant size grew, my energy dropped, and my own self confidence took a hard hit. Like many people I didn’t know what to do and thought I was destined to be overweight the rest of my life.

It was around that time that I decided to get serious about my health and hired a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Under their guidance, I started climbing out from under my “big clothes” and moved towards the fitter, healthier, and more active me that I once knew.

And with the drop in weight and inches, and increase in energy, I also found my self confidence came back. I believed in myself and felt great.

I felt so great, that I decided then that I wanted to help others just as I had been helped. Whomever would give me their time and effort, I would do my best to move them towards the fitness lifestyle that I had recently discovered.

I continued as a trainer who helped 25 clients each week, and progressed to becoming a boot camp instructor who was now helping over 100 clients each week.

In 2013 I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula and learned more about their philosophy and dedication to changing lives with fitness boot camps around the World and I knew that it was a perfect fit for me and it would allow me to help even more people within my community.

Since opening Kawartha Lakes Fit Body Boot camp several years ago, my team and I have helped our clients to lose tens of thousands of pounds of and unwanted inches. The unstoppable fitness formula that Fit Body Boot Camp implements along with the energy and motivation that my staff and I provide, give our boot camp members results unlike any ever before.

Fit Body Boot Camp has allowed me to further my desire to help others and turn my passion into a vehicle to change lives for the better.

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