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Our passion for helping people runs deep, and we want to help you achieve your goals, too. You see, we’re not typical personal trainers who never had to struggle-we are real people, just like you. I’m Anna Larsen, owner of the Idaho Falls Fit Body Boot Camp, and I know what it’s like to work a demanding job, I understand your struggles with getting your family going every morning while still trying to get yourself out the door and find something healthy to eat. I know what it’s like to not have time to exercise or even just take a few minutes to yourself.

We created the Fit Body Boot Camp in Idaho Falls to help people just like you, with full schedules, family commitments, and strong values. My passion is to help make our community stronger, healthier, and provide better lives for ourselves and our children. I have helped people just like you here in Idaho Falls lose thousands of pounds and I can help you get to your healthiest, fittest weight possible. We eat real food, we have even cleaned up a lot of family favorites so that you’re not making separate meals, and our workouts are only 30 minutes-anyone can find time for that!

My experience both as an employee in a large corporation and as an entrepreneur and leader allows me to connect with all kinds of people to offer practical advice and solutions for their personal and professional development. I have touched the lives of thousands with her inspiring and thought- provoking messages on topics including life balance, income generation, and goal setting. I speak around the country to inspire other business owners and leaders to help our communities become stronger, fitter, and healthier as well as manage the studio and speaking here in the community.

I hold two degrees from Idaho State University, as well as several exercise science and nutrition certifications. My husband, Eric, and I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho and enjoy spending time with our families and friends in this beautiful area.

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