About Amy Martin

HI! My name is Amy Martin

and I am a certified fitness trainer who is passionate about leading people to a healthier life!

In my fifteen years of being a trainer I often saw that people were paying for personal training thinking and hoping that it was the answer to getting healthier and/or losing weight. Although their intentions were good, there were pieces missing that kept them short of reaching their goals. Those pieces were nutrition, accountability and lack of motivation over time. If you’ve been a client of one-on-one personal training in the past, you may also have experienced a lull or disinterest in continuing to pay the high price with a trainer, who you’ve probably grown to love. But it’s hard to continue justifying the high price with little results, right?

After years of training one-on-one with the frustration of getting my clients to “stick” to it, I finally found the recipe that works…Fit Body Boot Camp powered by TLS Weight Loss System. It’s a simple & quick way to learn how to get your metabolism firing on all cylinders while making new friends in a highly accountable setting! I didn’t say it was easy, I just said it was simple. And if we take the approach of making small manageable changes to our lives, then it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to regain control of our health and our physiques! My passion is to pass on to others what I’m so passionate about…Wellness! Together we can make a difference in our communities and change the statistics of obesity. I want you to be able to live life to its fullest. The only way you can do that is if you are HEALTHY!

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