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About Chantelle Harder & Rode Bilugan

Rode Bilugan:

Hello! My name is Rode Bilugan and I’m the Co-owner of Garden City Fit Body Boot Camp. Originally born in the sunny islands of the Philippines, at the age of one I made Canada my home, despite its crazy cold winters! Married for 17 wonderful years to my beautiful wife Melissa, who fully supports and brings absolute joy to me and our 3 amazing kids. I am deeply humbled and honoured for this opportunity to partner up with an awesome friend and business partner, Chantelle Harder to help everyday people achieve extraordinary results in minimal time.

Fitness has always been an important part of my life. Growing up I was always active, played many sports and realized how good it made me feel to excel and push myself. This turned into my passion for health and fitness. Having a back ground in Law Enforcement, I’ve chosen to take my health and fitness level seriously. I’ve turned to fitness to manage the many aspects of life such as work, family and kids.

I’ve had my share of struggles, plateaus, and can relate to the challenges that many of us face everyday. It’s amazing what little time I found I had in my day for just myself. But at FBBC if you can afford 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to do something for you and only you, then you’ve come to the right place. By taking proper care of your body you find peace in knowing that you’ve overcome your doubts and fears.

Health and fitness starts with the proper mindset. If you allow us to be a part of your fitness journey, regardless of your fitness levels, we will help you achieve your health and fitness goals through encouragement, inspiration and motivation. Become better versions of yourself. Trust the process, it can be challenging and intimidating to know where to start, but we do all the guess work for you.

Whether your focus is, cardio-based or strength training we have workouts that will cater to every need and if you can handle working out in a fun, safe, positive, community-based but challenging environment, you’ve already taken the first step and every journey, begins with the first step. The combination of having your own personal trainer in a group setting, and a results – driven fitness studio is what Garden City Fit Body Boot Camp is all about. Schedule your free consultation with us today, we’re excited to meet you and get started. See you soon!

Rode Bilugan

Chantelle Harder:

Hello FitFam! My name is Chantelle Harder and I could not be more excited to be opening a Fit Body Boot Camp in Winnipeg with my business partner Rode! As an entrepreneur and local business owner, I came to the fit family the same way that you hopefully will, as a member! With 4 kids, 4 businesses and my wonderfully supportive husband, I have always tried to make health and fitness a priority in my life. I’ve played ball hockey, sponge hockey, participated in a bunch of bootcamps, HIIT programs, yoga and local workout programs. Then, one day, my friend convinced me to join her at Fit Body Bootcamp. I LOVED IT! After more than a year as a member at Fit Body Boot Camp, I was stronger, I felt better and I was healthier than ever before. Even better, I found the most wonderful community of friends at Fit Body that shared my interests, supported my goals and made my morning workouts so much fun.

So the entrepreneur inside of me began looking at Fit Body Boot Camp in a new light. I decided that I wanted everyone in Winnipeg to experience the fun, challenging 30-minute workout that burns twice the fat, gets you fit and challenges your body every time! There are no excuses at Fit Body Boot Camp!

Together with my incredibly fun, talented and fit business partner Rode, we will work to bring you the workout you have always wanted! We will support you, make you laugh and work with you to achieve your goals. We are in this journey together and I can’t wait for you to come and visit our location to see what Rode, myself and Fit Body Boot Camp are all about!

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