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My name is Virgil Cecilio. I’m a certified fitness trainer and am very passionate about helping anyone who is committed to improving their health and achieving their health/fitness and weight management/fat loss goals. I want to continue to be a part of the solution and help people get in the best shape of their lives which is why I have come to bring Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula to the residents of Concord and surrounding areas. If you’re looking to get real fitness results, this is the right place for you! I have always been into fitness and continue to enjoy training and working out. Since childhood, muscle & fitness magazines kept my interest for hours reading and researching fitness related articles. As the years passed, the articles and research solidified my belief in practicing what I preach. I married my beautiful wife, Renee Cecilio in 2000. Soon after, Renee and I started our precious family and now have three awesome boys: Viren Ace, 14; Virgil, Jr.,11; Vincent Riley, 8. My family continues to be my main driver and motivation to never give up on anything in life. I also believe that if I started with myself by putting my health and fitness as a priority, I would be a better husband/father/coach to effectively take care of my family and everyone else around me. But let’s face it… whether we like it or not, life challenges are bound to happen. However, I believe that the principles that we use in fitness are so powerful that we can apply the same principles when dealing with life challenges! In 2009, I became a certified personal trainer for a big box gym and have helped many reach their health/fitness and weight management/fat loss goals. Every single one was a humbling experience and I felt total gratification. In 2011, aside from providing personal training and small group training services, I coached fitness boot camps in parallel for a couple of years. Then in late 2013, I was taken away from doing what I loved which devastated me at the time because I worked my butt off! Consequently, this was a blessing in disguise as I started receiving messages from loyal clients on a weekly basis. During my downtime from personal training, I was motivated by clients who inquired if I would continue offering my services to them at my own location. In 2014, my downtime away from personal training allowed me to give back to my community by volunteering for the Junior Giants Baseball organization with the local school district as a Head Coach for a coed baseball team of 10-13 year old students. By doing so, I received training from All-Pro Baseball Coaching and was certified as a “Youth Sports Coach” while planning for the next big thing… and that is to go back and continue to serve the people that wanted my help with their health/fitness and weight/fat loss goals. In June, my wife and I attended the Turbulence Training Summit in San Diego, CA where I trained and was certified as a “Turbulence Training Instructor”. After returning, I began coaching boot camps at the park. With these experiences, I promised myself that I would figure out a way, so that no one would be able to take me away from doing what I love – ever again! Now, I am back to bring you something special. Fit Body Boot Camp’s Unstoppable Fitness Formula that implements energy, motivation, and inspiration. Along with the support from my FBBC family of Fitness Professionals, we are focused on delivering nothing but the absolute BEST to you! My carefully crafted fitness boot camp has been designed to genuinely and effectively give you the results you want as I incorporate functional weight training exercises. My boot camp sessions are structured to make you leaner, stronger and give you more energy than you can imagine! I look forward to working with you and am confident that you and I, as a team, can work together to get you started on the right path towards achieving your health/fitness and weight management/fat loss goals! Virgil Cecilio Concord Fit Body Boot Camp (925) 609-4445

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