About Adriana Rechesan

Hi! My name is Adriana Rechesan. I was born in Transylvania a few good years ago, dreaming that one day I would become an example for many people. I do believe I was what most would call the “black sheep” of the family, but that was only because I was always interested in new things. I liked-and I still like-to learn everything the hard way, and I would never take no for an answer! School was not something that I was really interested in. I knew that I would learn more by experimenting and living life. I knew that knowing how tall the tallest mountain in Romania is wouldn’t help me succeed in life, neither would knowing how to mix hydrogen with vinegar. What I do know is that 1+1+1= 3, meaning that if I get my dreams, my motivation, and my guts together, I will be successful!

At about 15 years old, I started to think about what I wanted from life. I had 3 things in my mind: I wanted to be the most beautiful woman ever, I wanted to have a huge gym, and I wanted to own an amazing sports bar.

Somewhere along the road I became obsessed with looking good. I eventually contracted some health problems because I was taking illegal pills to lose weight. I overtrained in both sports and in the gym-where I spent 3-5 hours working out every day. It also didn’t help that I was starving myself; this got to the point where I was eating a maximum of once per week! I did this for 7 years, until I started to have health problems.

Coming from a good family, I never had to work and earn my own money, so I couldn’t get the business experience and life experience that I desired. In 2004, I decided that I wanted to work on cruise ships where my parents couldn’t help me with anything! Of course, I was a mess, and they sent me home after 3 months becouse I didn’t know how to listen to what I was being told to do.

Coming back home, trying not to be the black sheep anymore, I got married. I told myself that my family would be happy, and I lied to myself and said that I would forget about leaving the country. Well…it didn’t work out like that.

I was trying to force my dream on my husband, but that didn’t work out either. We divorced 3 years later. I got myself a racing motorcycle and just started to be cool.

I tried to turn my life around for the better by surrounding myself with positive things.

I was extremely motivated to change my life and finally get what I’d wanted, so I made the decision to move to the U.S. Well, that didn’t work out either because thats when “he” came into my life.

This time, I told myself that it’s either now or never. I got him to come to the U.S. with me, and 11 months later we were in Lawrenceville, GA.

It was in April of 2015 when I finally saw part of my dream come true.

I was finally in the country where i was supposed to be all along, surrounded by respect, kindness, and happy faces. I was grateful to work 80 hours per week-I’m not ashamed to say that I worked every job I was being offered, or that I cried while cleaning houses.

I started with low-class jobs, but I knew exactly where I wanted to get to.

It was in February of 2017 when i first heard about FBBC. I attended one of the boot camps and fell in love with it. I told myself that one day I would have one of my own.

A year and a month later, I signed the most important paper of my life! I bought into FBBC and became a part of the FBBC Family.

I know that I need huge motivation for everything that I do in life. The day I decided to open my boot camp was the day I looked in the mirror and saw a fat young girl. That’s when I asked myself, “What will motivate me to be beautiful every single day?”

It was in January of 2018 when I said to myself, “I need to have my own gym in order to look the way I want to, as well as to motivate everyone around me to look good and be healthy.”

So here I am in the USA. My home, my land, my country, my flag! One step away from being successful and helping as many people as I can be healthy and look amazing. Only one step away from motivating them to take care of themselves in the correct way, rather then using pills that kill people little by little every day!

I now give to you Collins Hill Fit Body Boot Camp, the place that will make you feel UNSTOPPABLE, the place that will take you above and beyond, motivating you to never give up and to believe in your goals and dreams every day!

If you did read my story, it means you need me, my Boot Camp, and our family to help you succeed. Come join us!

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