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About Michael d’Entremont & Shawn Deneve

About Michael d'Entremont & Shawn Deneve

My name is Michael d’Entremont, I’m a certified personal trainer/precision nutrition coach. I am passionate about helping clients in the Edmonton area achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. I have been working in the personal training industry for 4 years, and am highly determined and committed to aiding all clients towards their goals! If you’re looking for results, Edmonton Fit Body Boot Camp – North East Edmonton if the place for you!

Growing up, I was always drastically overweight, even though I was always active in various sports. Maybe you can relate, but when you find yourself 20lbs, 50lbs, even 100lbs overweight…sometimes, it just doesn’t seem like there will ever be a light at the end of the tunnel. It wasn’t until I accidentally stumbled upon what is now known as HIIT (High intensity interval training) that I began to shed 50lbs of fat! I began doing various sprinting activities for basketball and track and field, which yielded huge fat loss results for me, without even realizing the science behind it. HIIT is a huge component of what we do here at Fit Body Boot Camp, helping us give clients the best results possible!

Earlier this year, my business partner Shawn and I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula and were amazed by the results other locations were achieving. I personally have been following Bedros for over 3 years, working in the 1 on 1 personal training industry. Naturally, it was a no brain-er that we had to work with Bedros’ systems!

Fit Body Boot Camp has helped Shawn and I dedicate 100% of our time to building our business around the success of all of our clients! We look forward to sharing our knowledge and fat loss secrets with thousands of people for the years to come.

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