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About Daniel Azevedo

My name is Daniel Azevedo and the one thing I am so passionate about is fitness. I believe that fitness is a tool that not only improves our aesthetic quality, but also improves our quality of life.

Growing up in Brazil, I was a hyperactive child who loved being outdoors and kicking the soccer ball around on the beach. One day my father took me to see the movie Rambo, and as impressionable as I was, I knew Rambo was the kind of person I needed to be. Rambo was a man who could take care of himself. He was able to save lives and protect others from harm by being in the best possible shape and equipped with the right knowledge and training as a survivor. Though Rambo was just a character in a movie, it resonated within me that I needed to help people become strong, physically and emotionally, stand up to their peers, and build self-confidence in their own abilities. I just didn’t know how.

At 12 years old, my father took me to the gym for the first time to meet his good friend and who also worked as a professional fitness trainer. He guided me in proper form and exercise, and made me realize the importance of a having a professional to help improve my fitness level. After observing the work ethic and training standards in the gym there, I knew how I could help the people in my own life. I could help them become aware of how resilient our bodies are and what we can achieve with a healthy body. I watched the trainers there help seniors regain mobility and independence without assistance or the need for a caregiver. Beyond that, it was the sense of community between the trainers and the members who were everyday people. The connections and friendships built in that atmosphere became long lasting and integral to my personal development.

Fast forward to 1999. As a personal trainer trainee in multiple facilities, I shadowed and learned from other trainers and majored in Physical Education in university. I had the aspiration then to change the world, one body at a time. Throughout the years I’ve helped hundreds of people to extend their quality of life and to become better versions of themselves. I have a proven record of clients whom I have trained and transformed. From children to seniors, my goals are results driven, and not just for aesthetics, as I strive for mobility, flexibility and overall health improvement. I will make sure you are accountable and become committed to improving yourself. As a family man, I truly care about my clients and treat them as an extension of my own family. I will follow through with your fitness goals and motivate you, hold your hand and journey together with you and I won’t let you get off track!

As I am now a qualified trainer with several designations (including Darby Training Systems, Myofascial Stretch Therapy, Small Group Personal Training, Calisthenics and Rehabilitation for knees/shoulders/hips), I will use my expertise in my training sessions with Airdrie Fit Body Boot Camp. In a fun way, I will make you forget that you’re doing the exercises while still getting the job done. My goal is to have you feel better than when you first came in and feel a sense of accomplishment when you leave.

As a resident of Airdrie and a thriving new business owner, I have learned the ropes of this particular tight-knit community and have grown to love the ideals of helping to grow and support other local businesses. We are a great city in the heart of Alberta, and I strive to meet the demand and needs of the people here who are looking for a pathway to better health. My facility has daily classes and convenient times and together we will improve the general well-being of our own personal lives.

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