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About Jemmoth Richards

Hey, my name is Jemmoth Richards. I’m a personal trainer and wellness consultant from Toronto. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. I started my fitness career at the age of 18 training for large fitness companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Owning a boot camp has always been a dream of mine. Even though I’ve always been fairly athletic and good with fitness, I’ve noticed that a lot of other people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle or even start one. It’s not enough to just throw them in front of a bunch of fancy workout equipment and ask them to figure it for themselves, which is exactly what most big gyms do.

On the flip side, almost anyone can go from out of shape and unhealthy to looking beautiful and living their best life when they have the customized guidance of a personal trainer…but personal training is just too expensive for most people. Plus, I as a personal trainer am not really satisfied only helping a tiny group of people at once. I want to transform as many lives as humanly possible through my training.

That’s why, when I discovered Fit Body Boot Camp, I realized that I’d found my dream come true. I could lead boot camps throughout the day, allowing me to help a huge number of people at once, and I could split the cost of personal training across that whole group, so that everyone gets life-changing fitness at a stunningly good price. Plus, Fit Body Boot Camp comes with a money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk in signing up.

I’m looking forward to helping you tone your body, reclaim your natural energy, and find your confidence again. Come check us out today!

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