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About Stephanie Flynn

Hi my name is Stephanie Flynn, and I started Tulsa Fit Body Boot Camp to help transform the health of local women, so they can discover their potential to live healthy and fulfilling lives. In less than one year, I completely transformed my life, and became a Bill Phillips’ Transformation Champion in 2009, and now I would like to share what I have learned to help you make the transformation you deserve! At Tulsa FBBC, we educate and empower you with the knowledge and skills to transform your health, fitness, and entire well-being. Following the less is more principle, we teach you proven, reliable ways to exercise and eat right without having to kill yourself in the gym or starve yourself with calorie restriction. We also provide you with accountability, support and friends through our group personal training classes and accountability programs. With our guidance, you will shed fat, negativity, and excess baggage to become the healthy, happy and fit person you were created to be! By being the change and teaching women basic and simple transformation tools, I plan to transform the health of 1000s of women and children in Oklahoma, one person at a time, starting with YOU!

“Empowering women to gain confidence, lose body fat, and reach their true potential in life, even if they are pressed for time, have tried everything to change and nothing else has worked, and feel they are at a point of no return.”  

Stephanie Flynn

Tulsa Fit Body Boot Camp
3131 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK 74135
(844) 322-2123


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