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Hi! My name is Jody Myers.

Many years ago, at the age of 17 I became very passionate about doing aerobics and weight training. I absolutely loved it! However, after a few years life happened and those days became a thing of the past. I remained active over the following 30 years but I had a difficult time truly engaging in an exercise program until my first Fit Body Boot Camp workout.

I was not in a good place in life when I decided to go to a FBBC orientation for the Drop Pounds, Get Paid Challenge. I had had an injury 16 months prior that caused neurological problems that severely affected my memory and cognitive thinking. I was functioning very poorly and I was very depressed. Exercise was highly recommended as a part of my treatment plan. Walking, meditation, counseling and cognitive therapy were all key factors in my recovery but the HIIT workouts and the nutrition program I was following were what really picked me up and got me out of the hole I was in. The morning workouts got me energized and pumped and I no longer felt like sleeping my day away. The nutrition program fit perfectly with my treatment plan as well. Simply put, I was to cut out processed foods and eat as much whole, real foods as possible. The nutrition plan was fueled with Diana Keuilian’s flavorful recipes that helped me start to change the way I cooked and ate. Fit Body Boot Camp was a game changer for me. It gave me my life back.

I was athletic when I was young but at 49 yrs old and doing my first HIIT workout I found out that I could neither do a full sit-up or a full push-up anymore. My memory was horrible so I kept forgetting what I was doing and cognitive problems made balance and coordination extremely challenging. I knew all of the challenges I was dealing with were exposing me in a way that I really did not like to be seen. Looking back I know it could have been a situation that could have discouraged me but it didn’t. The coaches were helpful, friendly and very motivating and I found the other members to be friendly and non judgmental. The wide range of athletic abilities that were in the class made it easy to feel like the class was right for me too. On top of that, the workouts were fun, simple, and challenging all at the same time. I also loved the fact that the classes were 30 minutes… I was in and out but still knew that I just had a full workout! Eating healthy made me feel good too and the two together proved to be very effective for improving how I looked. I found out that focusing on the scale was not proof of how I was doing on getting fit and looking better. During that six week challenge my goal was to lose 10 pounds but I only lost 6 pounds; however, I was much stronger and I lost a total of 13 inches which was very noticeable. I turned 50 feeling great!

When a coaching opportunity became available, I had an epiphany that maybe this was my calling. I knew I wanted to be a part of helping others make positive changes in their lives like I had been making in my own life since I joined FBBC. As a coach, it makes me so happy to connect with members and to watch them grow! One of the best feelings is to see clients get stronger and to see how much their stamina has improved. I see it and I want them to know it! I see so many lives evolve and change before my eyes, it is truly awesome. I am very excited to continue being a part of such positive life changes as Snoqualmie Fit Body Boot Camp’s new owner!

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