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About Courtney Hernandez

Hi! My name is Courtney Hernandez, and I am the new owner of Snoqualmie Fit Body Boot Camp!

I have had a passion for helping others my entire life, and I love being fit and healthy. I want everyone I meet to experience the feeling of confidence they will get from being physically fit, and I want to help others feel what it is like to truly love their body.

Upon ownership of Snoqualmie Fit Body Boot Camp, my immediate goal was to continue the effort made toward helping build a strong, healthy, active community. Members here at SnoFBBC call the studio our “community within the community.” Our 50 or so clients are moms, dads, grandparents, high school students, and members of our local community (North Bend, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Ridge, and the surrounding area) who have fitness and/or health goals they would like to achieve; however, with the busy lives they lead, they only have a few minutes a day to dedicate towards reaching those goals. That’s where SnoFBBC comes in! We offer 30-minute strength and cardio and 15 minute high-intensity interval classes for people ages 16+. The classes typically have anywhere between 2-9 members (up to 16 members max, which is the number I want to get to someday 😉 ) and cater to ALL fitness types. We have members with physical limitations who want to develop a healthy, active lifestyle for themselves in spite of their physical challenges. We have young members that want to incorporate healthy fitness and nutrition habits into their current lifestyle, and members ages 50+ that want to stay healthy and active. We even have members who are fitness lovers who do HIIT workouts at home and are active outdoors, yet they want to supplement their active lifestyles with quick, effective workouts to tone and strengthen their bodies. A few things are common with all of our members, though. Every SnoFBBC member has a health/fitness goal they’d like to achieve, and it’s my job and the job of our brand new SnoFBBC Team to help them achieve it! If SnoFBBC sounds like it could be just what you need, please Facebook message us, or call/text us, at (425) 533-4060, or even email me directly at admin@snoqualmieFBBC.com and my team and I would be glad to offer you 3 free workout sessions on the house-no strings attached. This offer will never expire. My hopes are that you’ll come in, work out, have fun, and fall in love with SnoFBBC and start a membership with us. We really are a community within a community. Stop by the studio, friends, and see what we are all about!

Best wishes,
Courtney Hernandez
Owner, Snoqualmie Fit Body Boot Camp

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