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About Manny Serenil

Hi! My name is Manny Serenil. Helping others has been my goal since I joined the United States ARMY in 1990. As I went through basic training, we were taught the importance of team work, achieving our goals, and most importantly: never leaving anyone behind. Never leaving anyone behind is a lesson that does not only apply to combat, but it is a lesson that carries into all facets of life. When someone needs help, it is your duty to do all that you can for them. This is the approach that I have taken in my personal and professional life since joining the ARMY.

As a young Soldier I was assigned to the Battalion Operations Section where I was in charge of administering the Army Physical Fitness Test. If any Soldier could not pass their Physical Training test, I took it upon myself to see them through it. The act of helping people achieve their physical goals was so satisfying to me, that the entire experience made me realize that I love fitness and the importance of being physically fit.

As I rose through the ranks, especially upon becoming a Drill Sergeant, I discovered that one of the most rewarding aspects of the job was helping people realize that they had it in themselves to not only pass the tests we put before them, but helping them discover that as long as they set their mind to it, they could achieve any fitness goal. Through physical fitness we turned young men and women into mature adults who could set their sights on anything they wanted to, and even better, reach their full potential.

To this day it never gets old helping others achieve their physical fitness goals. At Palmdale Fit Body Boot Camp you will find coaches that share that passion for fitness and helping others. Our team is here for you every step of the way, and we will never leave you behind. We will motivate you, encourage you, and guide you thru this journey of becoming a better version of you. We look forward to serving you.

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